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Why it’s crucial to vote ANDY MIRANDA for Congress.

The government is trying to control of every aspect of our lives, however, I will fight to make sure that we, the people, get to choose our own decisions from here on out, FOREVER. Let’s retake control of our government. Understand, the government does not get to decide for us or tell us what to do…WE THE PEOPLE COMMAND THE GOVERNMENT, THE GOVERNMENT WORKS FOR US, and not the other way around! As your Representative, I will make sure to remind us every day that we are all free to make our own choices. And to ensure that OUR government never tries to control us again, every single decision that I make, as an elected official, will have been decided on by the voters of the 29th district. But that’s not all. I will also fight to make sure that ALL our elected officials abide by the same standards, thereby, fully allowing us, the people, to control every aspect of our publicly elected officials…ALL OF THEM. Congressmen/women, Senators, Governors, even the President should have to first go through their people before any major decisions gets implemented. This way, the country will truly belong to, and be in the hands of, the people who really care about other people. Until then, we are just letting our elected officials control our lives when really, it is us who should be controlling theirs! You want to know how to make your government accountable? You create a list of things for them to do like an employer would do when hiring someone for ANY position and strictly hold them to it and nothing else. This way you can measure any and all progress and ensure YOUR GOVERNMENT IS WORKING FOR YOU!

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