Proposed Legislation

God willing, the minute I am sworn into office as your new Congressman, these are just some of the few Bills/Legislation that I would like to see get passed, immediately, and with everyone’s support:

1: BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE (Bill) – This bill would make it so that we, the people, are always in control of our government. That any laws, rules, regulations, ordinance, or anything to that effect, be made by the people, solely, and no other body. That no elected official can impose any type of order or mandate unless first approved by those same individual voters. *(Think of how great it would be if we could just vote to stop the gas taxes to save money? This bill would allow for us to change things on the fly as we see fit and/or necessary)

2: ONE PROBLEM, ONE BILL (Bill) – Because when you try to pass everything in one bill, it ends up becoming a 5,000 page bill that no one has the time or energy to read through. Furthermore, it is through these massive bills and pages that most of the waste and unnecessary spending gets lost in and they do that on purpose to fool us voters. This bill would ensure that only one issue at a time gets proposed, written up and is simple enough for the masses to read and understand.

3: ANTI-GREED (Bill) – This bill would impose price freezes on any business making over $100 million annualy. Whether it is a goods or service, raising prices to ‘simply meet’ a business’ financial goal is not the problem of the people. The higher these businesses unnecessarily raise their prices, the more it hurts the middle to lower class people. If the first part of this bill is not attainable due to too many interested parties feeling threatened by it, then the second part of the bill will be that the government create competing businesses, such as cell phone and cable companies, so that YOUR government can offer a more cost effective option for everyone to choose from. All such formed competing businesses will be Non-profit businesses ran by the people and will only charge whatever is necessary to pay for those service and a little more to always maintain the systems.

*Please let me know what changes and legislation that you would like to see passed. Email me, leave me a comment or fill out the survey/poll that is on the menu under ‘Your Voice…Heard’.