California’s 29th District!

Here it is all about the people and voters of the 29th District, it is not about me or any single person. I want to reaffirm to everyone that we, the people, have the power to do WHATEVER we want and when we want it, regardless of any situation. Remember, the gov’t works for us!

Elect Veteran
Andy Miranda
to Congress for the 29th District

Why Andy Miranda? Because as a proud Veteran and patriot, I am tired of the government trying to control our lives through lies, fabricated crises and mandates. The Federal, and most local, governments want to take away your rights in the name of ‘safety’ and ‘public health’, however, we are adults and don’t need the government telling us how to live our lives. They want you to take their unconstitutional orders without even asking a single question but, it is we, the people, that tell the government what to do, think, say and act! In fact, in my vision of politics, no elected official makes a single decision without the approval of their constiuents first. We would create a list of items that we want changed or fixed, right away, and that they must complete, like an employer to an employee. Well that’s what I will create and implement for myself once I become your congressman, that way the people, my people, can have full control of me, their elected official and ‘REPRESENTATIVE’. In other words, not a single decision that I make in Congress, if elected, would be my own decision, it would be dictated by you, the voters of the 29th District, I PROMISE YOU. Just think about a system where the moment we want something changed to better our lives, we can immediately let our elected officials know and vote on that change so that they can get to work on it without us even having to beg or explain ourselves. Imagine if we all demanded the CA gas tax be revoked! Why not? We voted it in so we should also have the ability to vote it out whenever and able to do so at any moment in time, no waiting for election years. Well we can and will do it because, the power lies with us, it always has.

Andy Miranda (Veteran) – Always at your service!

A Simple Message…

The message couldn’t be any simpler….NO ELECTED OFFICIAL should be making decisions that effect their voters on their own! My promise to the wonderful voters of the 29th district is that, “NO DECISION I MAKE IN CONGRESS WILL BE THAT OF MY OWN, THEY WILL ALL BE DECIDED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE 29TH DISTRICT AND NO ONE ELSE”. Do you want to know why? Because as YOUR elected representative, I will be sure to serve only the people of the 29th, and no one else, as a representative should. Once I get elected as congressman, God willing, I will set and be the example for how ALL elected officials are suppose to lead and carry-on….mark my words.

The Goal.

When employers hire employees, there’s always a list of qualifications one must meet and a list of duties and/or job functions they absolutely have to perform, or get fired. Well, my goal is to implement that same style of accountability but for all of our elected officials…starting with myself because, I desire to lead by example. Through this website the voters of the 29th district will be able to decide what our current issues are, debate them, discuss possible soultions and then identify their priority status. This way everyone has a chance to truly have their voice heard. We will set up 4 lists of our ‘Top-10’ issues. They will be separated by ‘Local/State/National/International. Because not every issue I face will be a local decision but, you the voters must still guide those decisions for me as I have promised.

Your Command Is My Wish!

When was the last time any politician asked for the input of their constiuents prior to making any decision, especially one that would drastically affect them? I know I cannot recall of any such time, unless it’s an election year. But guess what? Our problems don’t just come around every 2 or 4 years, they are here everyday and that is why we need to implement a system, my system, where whatever the people demand that needs to get done, it shall get done and in the order they deem important. No more waiting or begging for our so-called ‘leaders’ to make obvious decisions, this I promise!!!

‘We The People’ control our government and not the other way around.

Our politicians and main stream media have done a fantastic job brainwashing and conditioning us to, not only believe the government’s every word, but to obey their every command, as well. Last I checked….THIS WAS AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE!! Never has the government had so much control over us. BUT THEY SHOULD NOT, which is the scary part. The government cannot and has no right to tell us what to do, LITERALLY! Understand that the gov’t was created to protect and defend us and our constitutional freedoms. The founding fathers left it up to the individual states to govern themselves, and govern ourselves we shall.

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